JEAN SEIDENBERG Paintings and Drawings - The Figure


Ma Jolie 1982-83 24x23

Frank Kennett 1984-85 34x38

Frank Kennett (detail)

Charlotte as Flora 1987-87 32x36

Charlotte as Flora (detail)

David 1984-85 47x34

David (detrail)

Three Pears on a Yellow Plate 1984-85 38x48

Three Pears on a Yellow Plate (detail)

A Good Guitar 1983-84 24x23

Boy With His Harp 1985 24x24 Coll: Burlington Industries

George in His Studio 1983 24x25

Leslie 1995 14x15 Coll:Andrea Moss

Pat Voinche 1984 32x24 Coll:New Orleans Museum of Art

Hon. Lindy Boggs 1987-88 Coll:Tulane University

Hon. Lindy Boggs (detail)

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